Giant Easter Bunny

Giant Easter Bunny Plush Rabbit & Basket of Toys- over 4 feet Tall

Looking for an Easter Promotion? Berber Corp / UltraTech offers two unique Easter Traffic Builders. The Giant Easter Bunny and the World’s Biggest Easter Basket are perfect Easter retail promotions for:

  • banks or other financial institutions
  • restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • hardware stores
  • automobile dealerships
  • rent-to-own stores
  • radio stations or newspapers
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These make great promotions for and are used by many churches or other non-profit groups for prizes at Easter Egg Hunts. Increase Sales and Traffic with these In-store Easter Retail Promotions.

World’s Biggest Easter Basket Get a Jump on Your Competition With this 6-foot or 8-foot Give-Away Display

Watch Your Sales And Profits Multiply With These Easter Retail Advertising Promotions.

We’ve included everything you need to run a successful in-store promotion — 500 entry blanks, one colorful poster, one Entry Box, and a press release packet. Each display is stuffed with cool toys that kids want to win. Our mix is constantly updated to maximize interest and excitement. Giant Easter Bunny promotion has a smaller number of toys. The deluxe version of the Easter Basket includes 90% licensed and name brand toys (Standard version has about 60%).

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