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Every business or institution can benefit from the most effective method of advertising – specialty advertising and it is the best promotion or publicity value available without exception of any advertising media.

Yes . Most items shown in this site have pricing for decorated product with one color imprint. Decorating may incur a initial screen charge, plus a additional charge for additional colors as well as a run charge per piece per additional color. We price our products with decoration charges built-in but note, we offer many different decoration methods with varying costs for set-up and run charges

Yes. In some cases you will need to speak with a sales rep and they can contact our production department. for decoration with a less than minimum charge. 

HOWEVER, with our Direct To Garment, printing  only 1 (one) piece is required

Yes, we have a 1-2 day rush service is available on most in-stock orders. Please inquire for larger quantity orders. Rush service also depends on available staffing at the time of your request.

Our factories maintain 95% of STOCK products in stock at any given time. To check stock availability on a certain item, please give us a call. Custom items are normally in stock also. Seasonal items may become short during the seasonal rush

We only accept electronic files and prefer Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw Vector Art, we also except, EPS PDF or PSD files but can also accept JPG or TIFF at a minimum of 350 dpi. Some items requie a different specification, normaaly found with item description. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE VECTORIZED

Vector artwork is art that’s made up of vector graphics. These graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas.

Most images found online are raster images. Raster images use square pixels (bits of color) to convey an image. Vector graphics convey color using scalable color polygons. Since vector images use dynamic color sections instead of static squares, they provide perfect lines and crisp colors.


Yes. Most of our products may be purchased without decoration at the pricing and quantities shown, in some cases a small discount may apply.

First sample under $3.00 is normally FREE, your shipper number may be requested too pay for shipping. Please use the request form, found in this site on our sample policy page ( click here ) to place a sample order. Sample pricing varies from item to item

Yes. We offer graphic design, logo design and website design. We touch up images and more. Our fees range from a minimum $15.00 and up depending on the job. We offer free quotes.

All advertising depends upon the customer being ready, willing and able to respond to an ad. Trying to have your advertising reach your customer at the exact moment he is ready, willing and able, is close to impossible. Specialty advertising waits for the customer to get ready, be willing and be able to respond. All other advertising is lost if it does not hit at the perfect time.

Many times, the specialty item that will carry your message is the last thing to be decided upon. We will assist you in all aspects of developing an effective advertising plan, including product selection.

Chances are that your original decision to use specialty advertising was a good one – it is a powerful way to improve your business. If a previous attempt did not meet your expectations, there probably was a problem with one or more of the parts of the program. We can help you find the problem and insure that your future specialty advertising programs are successful and profitable for you. SEE PRODUCTS click here

While specialty advertising is more of a universal ad media than any other, there are always exceptions. We will honestly evaluate your specific needs and make recommendations. If specialty advertising is not for your business, we will tell you – up front!

Yes. 1st column quantity is required for most decorating options. The minimum quantity for embroidery is varies according to item ordered.

HOWEVER, with our Direct To Garment, printing  only 1 (one) piece is required

We offer many decorating methods, depending on the product. Some decoration methods include DTG, direct silk screening, etching, engraving, embroidery, glasses and trophy plates, laser engraving on wood, leather patches and trophy plates.

Normal production time for most orders is 5-7 business days once the artwork, paper proof or pre-production proof is approved. Each vendor catalog will give more specific production and delivery time.  With the onset of the pandemic we are asking clients to add 3 – 5 business days additional

Yes, we offer drop shipments and split shipments for an additional charge plus shipping cost.

Send your artwork to artdept@berber. mail to: 
Berber Corp / UltraTech, 
attn.: Art Department
P.O. Box 351, Sacramento, CA 95812-0351

If ordering online look for the upload option on the website

Please use our sample request form, found in this site on our sample policy page ( click here ) to place a sample order.

We offer a full line of ad specialty and promotional products online ( click here ) and offline. We also offer both online and offline ordering.

Possible, in some cases there are no setup fees for re-orders, but depending on item ordered there could be a discounted re-order set up fee, provided the original order was placed within the last 12 – 24 months.

Properly designed specialty advertising is an investment in your business, not an expense. To be sure your return on that investment is a good one, it is not necessary to invest large budgets. Programs are developed that will fit your budget, and can be expanded as your business increases. Unlike all other media that requires additional expense to repeat your message, specialty advertising will repeat your message for as long as the specialty item is in use – sometimes for years!

Distribution of your specialty advertising materials is a critical part of a complete program. A lot will depend on the objective you have for the advertising you are doing. Some distribution takes place in a single day or even a few hours. At other times, a distribution plan might run a few weeks or could involve a continuous year-round program. For the most effective advertising

Berber Corp / UltraTech can call on a wide background of proven methodologies and tried and true concepts to produce extremely effective programs for you as one of the oldest and largest specialist advertising organizations in the United States. We are backed up by the best customer service team in the industry. Above all, everyone at Berber Corp / UltraTech is passionate about what we do, and we know that successful customized advertising programs will kick off a long and profitable partnership between your company and ours. CLICK HERE TO SEE PRODUCTS

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing to verified resellers and holders of valid business licenses in a related type of business, resale or tax certificates for their state or region.

We also work with oersin interested in starting up a printing or printing related business.


Every business or institution can benefit from the most effective method of advertising – specialty advertising and it is the best promotion or publicity value available without exception of any advertising media.

  • No waste – you can target only your best customers or potentials customers.
  • Lowest cost per ad impression made (CPM).
  • Longest repeat exposure period of any media.
  • Accepted as a gift by your customers.
  • Will increase customer traffic.
  • Will keep your telephone number in front of your customers better than the yellow pages, without exposing them to your competitors, and at a lower cost
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