Production Ready Artwork Standards

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The Production Ready Artwork Committee has determined that PDF is the best format for eliminating the myriad of confusion with industry artwork. While you know most JPG files are unacceptable, clients more than likely still submit them as production ready artwork. That is why the committee decided to publish a list of unacceptable formats to make it clear that artwork charges will likely apply. In addition to unacceptable formats and PDF as the preferred format, the committee has published standards for acceptable formats and software.

The Updated Production Ready Artwork Standards Make It Easier for us to Obtain Production Ready Artwork from you.

• Standard software requirements
• Standard format requirements
• Unacceptable artwork formats

Click here to adopt the easy-to-use standards at to start reducing artwork confusion and delays.

Are you Production Ready Artwork Compliant? Click here to download an updated Production Ready Artwork Compliant (PRA) logo. Place the logo on your website and print materials to communicate that you are helping to establish a universal process to create, store and share production ready artwork within our industry.

The Production Ready Artwork Committee has donated their time, energy and funds to help the industry move from the days of “camera ready art” to today’s world of “Production Ready Artwork”. Their hard work is free for all industry participants to utilize. For more information, contact  o

Production Standards



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